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This course is approved by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control for the Arizona Title 4 Responsible Serving® of Alcohol requirements!

Do you need a bartender license or alcohol seller training? You can train here online and print off your state-approved bartender license or alcohol seller certification instantly.

Arizona Bartender License
Sign up for the course by clicking the Enroll button and choosing your course (click add to cart). Once you're signed up for the Responsible Serving® of Alcohol course (bartender license course), you'll receive a username/password by email that allows you to login and complete the course at your convenience.

After you're finished with the course, you can print out your official certificate (AZ bartender license) or we can send it out to you in the mail!

In Arizona the technical term for a bartender license is a Title IV Server Permit. The AZ Title IV BASIC training will give you the training you need to act as a responsible server of alcohol and meets the Arizona state requirements for bartenders, sellers, servers, and managers!

If you are an employer and would like more information about getting your entire staff certified and trained at a reduced rate, please click here to learn more about our free Employer Account. Setting up an Employer Account allows you to train your staff at a lower cost and have total control over the process - view your employees' progress, print or archive their certificates, and much more. Click here to learn more.

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05-22-2018 4:36pm

In Arizona, you can take our online training to meet the requirements. There is manager training and employee training. As of this time, both are the same price, but the manager training has two extra lessons.
Michael Sheppard:
05-22-2018 1:41pm

Need to renew my license from USMC bar in Tucson, what do I need to do?
George Slowleigh:
03-08-2018 11:41am

Very informative. enjoyed, learned a lot.
03-23-2017 1:32pm

Arizona has three options for the state bartending license. 1. Bartending License / On-Premises Responsible Serving 2. Bartending License / Off-Premises Responsible Serving (off premise means consumption at home or away from the place alcohol was purchased) 3. Responsible Serving for Managers / Managing Responsible Servers The courses cover checking IDs and reducing drunk driving. The manager course is longer, and is for persons that are managing employees. If you would like to learn bartending, you can take an online mixology course from www.Rserving.com
Dorothy Metcalf:
03-23-2017 1:11pm

I would like to become certified to bartend in AZ.